Virtual Assistant Services

Email marketing got you bogged down?  Want a beautifully, branded email that looks amazing and is sent out on time? Look no further! I will make sure your campaign looks gorgeous and is handled smoothly from start to finish.

Office administration, PowerPoint presentations, CRM database management, HR Information Systems, Event planning, Conference registration set-up, you name it, I’ve probably administered it or coordinated it. Get out from behind your computer and stop handling the ins and out of office management and start focusing on the money-making side of your business.

Don’t miss another meeting, or forget to reply to that important email, or put off your resolution to update your bookkeeping records once a week (Next week, right? Then, the week after that? And then oh gosh, it’s December). I love the administrative stuff and making your back office run like a well-oiled machine!

  • $48.00 Per Hour
  • The hourly pay as you go plan is a flexible plan for clients who are unsure of how much time they will need each month.

virtual assistance retainer plan
  • $675.00 Per Month
  • 15 hours of service per month. Perfect for those who are in the start-up phase of their business.

virtual assistance retainer plan
  • $900.00 Per Month
  • 20 hours of service per month. Perfect for the busy entrepreneur who has an established businesses.

Robbie Williams is a Godsend

Robbie Williams is a godsend. In our six months together, she pulled together my systems, redesigned my newsletter, organized my shopping cart, and provided amazing customer support for my dating coaching clients. She is extremely hardworking, and, most of all, she CARES deeply about her work. You cannot find a more patient and ethical partner to grow your business than Robbie.”
–Evan Marc Katz, Dating Coach

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