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Why Outsourcing is Good for Your Business?

virtual assistant frequently asked questions

What's a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant is a highly skilled administrative professional that can work to a small business owner’s budget. Most virtual assistants provide services for multiple businesses or clients at one time, performing the same duties as an administrative assistant or office manager. As with most modern offices these days, assignments and project requirements are communicated online, with phone communication as necessary.

Can You Really Support Me from a Distance?

Almost every administrative task for any business these days is done online. If I were in your office every day, you’d see your projects managed, your files organized, and your contact database updated with exactly the same efficiency – but you’d have to pay for my health insurance and handle the sound of me tapping my pen as I think. As a virtual assistant, you get all the same tasks taken care of, but you pay a fraction of the price and don’t need to socialize when you’d rather be brainstorming.

How Does Your Schedule Work?

I only work with two to three clients at a time so that I can arrange my schedule to suit your precise needs. I’ll sit down with you to discuss all the essential times when you need me “on deck”. We’ll set clear deadlines and expectations for task completion. You will always know exactly what work will be done, on what time frame, and you’ll never pay for “downtime.”

Why Would I Need a Virtual Assistant?

Running a business requires two personality types: It requires someone with ambition and vision and exuberance and creativity for a great business idea and the tactics to market that business. The management and administrative end requires someone with organization, technical know-how, and satisfaction in small things done well. Those personality types rarely coexist in the same person. My clients tend to be the first kind of person; I am very much the second.

Most of my clients have found that from the first week they hired me, they suddenly weren’t nearly as busy or overwhelmed anymore. They’d simply been trying to take care of tasks that weren’t at all suited to their personality and exhausted themselves trying to like it.

You don’t have to like those types of tasks. You do have to find someone who does. That frees you up to do all the things that you love to do – and you’ll find your business becomes incredibly successful as a result.